of Massage

Massage has been clinically proven to provide many benefits to the body. Following are just a few benefits that many recipients have experienced.


Circulatory System: Swedish massage is a circulatory style of massage. The broad, sweeping strokes promote increased venous blood flow through muscle tissue. This can reduce edema.  The direct and indirect stimulation of the nerves that supply blood to organs can dilate the blood vessels allowing for greater blood supply to them.  This can reduce blood pressure.

Lymphatic & Immunity System: Lymph,  a milky white fluid is comprised of waste and impurities. Shortened tense muscles produce lymph fluid blockage. Waste products that become lodged in the myofascial tissue are toxic. Toxicity can occur within the muscle due to the lack of nutrition in the cellular level.  Massage can assist in the drainage of waste away from tissue cells, improving the delivery of nutrition to the cells.

Digestive System: Massage can increase the production of gastric juices and saliva. These are two of the fundamental components involved in the digestion of food. Abdominal massage can also affects peristaltic activity in the large intestines allowing waste to move freely towards the colon, possibly alleviating a bout of constipation or irregularity.

Nervous System: Massage can balance the Nervous System by either soothing it or stimulating it; depending on what is needed by the client at the time of treatment. Affecting the parasympathetic nervous system (through Swedish massage) into a state of “rest and digest”: reduces stress on the systems of the body. Stimulating the sympathetic nervous system (through sport/athletic vigorous pre-event massage) induces a state of “fight or flight” in preparation for intense activity (such as a marathon). 

Skeletal System: Muscles that are chronically contracted can disrupt the symmetry of balanced forces acting on the skeleton.  This can hold the bones out of position creating tension and stress.  Massage can bring about symmetry of the bones when primary mover muscles (agonists) are worked in conjunction with the opposing muscles (antagonists). Through massage the skeletal system can return to its intended balanced state without stiffening, limitations.

Muscular System: Massage can loosen contracted, shortened, hardened muscles; returning mobility and improving range of motion. Over time massage can reduce and/or eliminate stiffness and pain, interrupting the pain cycle.

The Affordable Wellness Center is always looking to practitioners for integrative new forms of proven Wellness treatments. 








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